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2015 - The Year In Review

​​2015 - a lot happened this year - we got off to a rocky start, but a good start, with our first show of the year, the STB Metalfest 11.

Rocky because I was unable to be there due to a rib injury - this was the first time in 10 years of doing shows that I missed an STB show.

Thanks to Debra and Andrew Studebaker coming through in the clutch, this show kicked ass, with a great lineup and a nice total of $715.21.

This was also a homeless veterans benefit, and a great start to the relationship forged between Stop The Bleeding and Veterans Transition House,

a great shelter for homeless veterans in New Bedford. 

Back to my home state of Rhode Island we went for another show for

Lucy's Hearth - man, what a pain the Rhode Island music scene is. I won't rip it too much because I love Rhode Island and there are a lot of great bands and venues down there, but it's pretty difficult to put a show together down there when it doesn't need to be. But I digress...

We made a really low total at this show, but we managed to more than triple that total with two matching donations - Boom.

There's more than one way to skin a cat, as they say.

I even got to get all Christmasy/creepy with a Christmas-themed

Black and Death Metal show at The Raven - we came away with a kinda low total, but it was Epic.

A year of change in that some relationships with venues and shelters ended, and some new ones began. We put on our first show for The Mustard Seed - a great and much needed soup kitchen in Worcester, and we joined forces with

Charles Ayala and The Wreck Room in Peterborough, New Hampshire when we put on the Stop The Bleeding Halloween Thrash Bash for the

Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter.

The need remains though - so wherever we come together, or whoever we come together with, it's all pieces to a puzzle, that together we can solve.

Check out these amazing bands who threw down in 2015

on behalf of the homeless.



Faith From Fable

Forever's Fallen Grace


Crown Of Malice

Beneath The Burial

Depraved Within

A Mirror's Embrace

Whisky Fyre

Travel Amygdala


Divine Death

Speak Well Of The Dead


Infested Prophecy

The Flooding

SeaKing Heir

Beneath The Machine

Half Past Human

Demonic Requiem

Voices Of The Dead

Justified Insanity

Unlimited Warfare

Destructive Nature

Don't Cross The Streams

Nemus Of Nex





Devoured Fate


Ashen Wings