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As 2014 comes to a close, the theme still seems to be

Consistent Inconsistency, as it pertains to the results at our shows. This year we made our first foray into my home state of Rhode Island on behalf of a great shelter for women and children called

Lucy's Hearth, but ran into some difficulty with the Rhode Island music scene. Kudos, though, to KC's Tap in Pawtucket for stepping up and hosting our show. Although the attendance was low, it was an amazing show - the kind of show that reminds me that while a higher monetary total is nice, it's just as important/impressive when musicians and fans get together to help those less fortunate.

This year we also experienced the opposite end of the spectrum, as we put on our first show at Sammy's Patio, and came away with a whopping total of $1,135.75 raised for the

Lowell Transitional Living Center homeless shelter and soup kitchen - the most we ever made in a single show.

Much thanks to Dante Gaeta and

Killer Robot Promotions for putting a ton of time, energy, and promotion into the show.

In 2014 we also experienced some difficulty with venues, which limited us to only doing 5 shows, instead of the 7 shows a year we usually put on.

All in all, it's all good.

I continue to be amazed at how much people are willing to give of themselves to help the homeless. One of the best things about these shows is seeing the positive side of human nature, instead of the ugliness I see perpetrated upon the homeless on a regular basis.

Thank You to all involved in every aspect of what we're doing - every single one of you is irreplaceable in this chain.

Thank You to the following bands for playing our shows this year - check'em out!



Skin Drone

Edge Of Darkness


Barren Oak

Infested Prophecy

Imperium Mortis

Fog Wizard

Demonic Requiem

Voices Of The Dead


Beneath The Machine


Fate Worse Than Death

Beneath The Burial

Apollos Resurrection

Travel Amygdala

My One Regret

My Missing Half

Seas Of Scylla

Crown Of Malice

Beast Over Boston

Sonic Pulse

Eye Deep In Hell


Candy Striper Death Orgy


The Woods

Deadpan Hooligan


Death By Bill

The Straight Eights

Guns Of Brighton

The Ungraded

Two Chord Terror


2014 - The Year In Review