Boston is such a great city - a beautiful city, even in the coldest Winter season - but underneath that beauty lies the ugliness of a prominent homeless community, one that is at great risk when the cold temperatures come. While Boston has made a lot of help available to the homeless, for one reason or another many of them remain sleeping out on the streets, even when it's brutally cold. This is why we started our

STB Outreach program, which is basically us literally going out onto the streets of Boston and looking for the homeless that are living outside, and passing out hats, gloves, scarves, socks, coats, hand warmers, and anything else we can think of that will help them survive out there. That may sound somewhat melodramatic to some people, but frostbite, and even death, are realistic dangers homeless people face during the Winter. 

‚ÄčCheck back here for updates as we will be periodically posting about our trips out.

Peace and be warm

STB Outreach