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2019 - The Year In Review

2019 - the year of the venue struggle.

Another year in the books - and another year where it's kind of the same thing - nothing new really - just doing what we can.

We really struggled this year finding landing spots for these shows - consequently, we were only able to put on 4 shows,

significantly less than our usual 6 or 7.

That said, we did really well with the shows we were able to put on. 

One of these days I will post one of these Year In Review pages, and I'll be able to tell you I finally found the energy/courage to push

Stop The Bleeding to the next level by seeking and securing funding - I've been talking about it for years, and yet here I sit,

having made no moves in that direction. 

It's not hard to figure out I suppose - 

really going for it will take a huge leap of faithand a huge amount of money - and that's what holds me back I believe -

the possibility of it not panning out,

which would be really tough to take.

That's the hurdle - just saying "Screw it I'm going for it" without thinking  about the possible downside/disappointment.

Fear of "failure" - although I'm not sure not getting funding would really constitute "failure" - it would suck -

but we would push on regardless, pursue other ways of getting there/other sources of funding, etc.

While I read this back to myself 14 times in an effort to convince myself to do it, I'll give you the skinny on how we did

with this year's shows - 

"Punking Out Homelessness 3" raised $519for

the Lowell Transitional Living Center homeless shelter

and soup kitchen.

"A Tribute To The Homeless 14" raised $728for

Veterans Transition House homeless veterans shelter.

"Metalfest 19" raised $281.25 for

Renewal House domestic violence shelter.

"Haunted Halloween Hard Rock Fest" raised $980 for

Lucy's Hearth homeless family shelter.

Not bad.

Thank You to everyone who helped us out this year, whether it was just by coming to a show, working the door for me, making a flier, donating to one of the shelters, donating to us, playing our shows, hooking us up with a venue, all of it - you all Rock.

The following bands kicked ass for us in 2019 on behalf of the homeless - 

Check'em out by clicking on their names below - 



Charlie Don't Surf - A Tribute To The Clash

The Brigands

State Of The Union

The Only Things

Garbage Point






Rithiya Khiev


Through Fear

Dawn Of End

Where They Hide


Lone Wolf James

Poison T

Renegade Cartel

Black Horse Rebellion

Illusion's End

Heavy America

Beacon Project