Winter Fundraiser


Boston Food Activists

Welcome to our fundraiser for Boston Food Activists!

We all know that homeless people are out there.

We see them on our streets, and sleeping in businesses' doorways after hours, and asking for change at an intersection or outside of a fast food establishment. We even see them sleeping on a sidewalk

or freezing outside in the Winter.

But there are people among us, who a lot of people don't see - people who tirelessly take it upon themselves to make a difference in the lives of our homeless brothers and sisters, people who go out directly to them and make sure they have that most basic gift of something to eat. Whether you see them or not, they're out there - often on a shoestring budget, often doing it on their own dime when the money runs out.

I am talking about people like Daniel Kontoff,

of Boston Food Activists, who literally takes it to the streets of Boston 5 nights a week, covering 3 parts of town.

"It" being food for the homeless, because the need is always there. Let's help him do his thing.

We are fundraising for Boston Food Activists - All donations make a difference, regardless of the amount - it all helps! As always with our fundraisers, 100% of your donation will go directly to the cause - we keep none of it! You can donate here by clicking on the "Donate" button below -

Thank You!​​