Hope For Homeless Families

Fundraiser for Belknap House

One of our society's less talked about, but ever-present problems is family homelessness.
EVERYTHING costs way more than it used to - food, gas, rent, utility bills, basic day to day stuff, even "luxuries" for lack of a better term.
It doesn't take much for a family to go from
"struggling to get by" to completely de-railed.
Having to choose between buying food or paying rent, getting the kids what they want for Christmas or paying the heat bill to keep them warm - one thing like a job loss, or a health issue, and yes, in some cases, even making bad lifestyle decisions - and
in the blink of an eye a family can end up homeless.
I think it's probably a pretty crushing feeling not being able to take care of your family - having to stay at a shelter, worrying about your family's safety, and their mental health, wondering how you're ever going to get out of it, just all of it.
This is where places like Belknap House come in - literally helping families survive the trauma of homelessness, helping them with not only the basic needs of food, clothing, and safe shelter, but also providing them with the tools to bounce back up and stay that way.
Homeless family shelters are more important than ever.
And so we're kicking off our fundraiser for the Belknap House homeless family shelter in Laconia, New Hampshire.
Every little bit helps a family get through these times -
no donation is too small - and, as always, 100% of what you donate will be donated - we keep none of it.
You can donate here by clicking on the donation button below -
Thank You