Heavy AmericA merch pack including:

Heavy AmericA t-shirt, "Now" CD,

"Full Load Amps" full album download card, "Pray For Me" live download card, Heavy AmericA guitar pick, sticker, wristband, face mask, 2 autographed band pictures, and 1 magnet


Witches Tears "Cry Of The Banshee" CD

and Wreckless Wreck Chords sticker


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State Of The Union "Panaflex Blue" CD


T-shirt design color
T-shirt size
Snapback hat color

Drew Bledsoe and Curtis Martin rookie cards

$10 - Qty. available: 1 of each card

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Luxury Deathtrap t-shirt size small


T-shirt size

New England Patriots light-up Christmas ornament - Qty. available: 1


Dawn Of End merch pack including:

Dawn Of End T-shirt, snapback hat,

full length "Battles Of Illumination" CD,

new EP CD, 2 stickers, and wristband


Derek Jeter

1994 Ted Williams Card Co. minor league baseball card

and 1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe Mining For Gold Rookie Card

$40 - Qty. available: 1 of each card


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JGrind merch pack including: JGrind t-shirt, face mask, and can kozie


Everything Must Go!!!

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Bad Movies "Take One" CD and Wreckless Wreck Chords sticker


Dawn Of End winter hat 

black with neon green logo


Widow Sunday "In These Rusted Veins" CD


The Music Room

WORM merch pack including: 

Extra large t-shirt, "Skater's Edge" CD, and 3 WORM stickers


Plea Of Insanity t-shirt


Olyphant "Destinies Of The Soul" CD and Olyphant sticker


T-shirt size
Short sleeve or long sleeve

The Straight Eights merch pack including:

1 t-shirt size small, "Four On The Floor" CD, sticker, and 4 patches


Forevers Fallen Grace merch pack including: 1 XL t-shirt, "Ascending The Monolith" CD, and sticker


The Sports Section